Student Awards Judge Natalie Armata Hits the Sweet Spot

How to get them to eat cake

May 8, 2020


OCAD University alumni Natalie Armata is Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Giants & Gentlemen in Toronto  

Natalie is getting set to judge our 2020 Student Awards (deadline May 22 - only 2 weeks away!), and she's a perfect choice for the task. In addition to her creative background, Natalie is a great role model for the future leaders of our industry. As a Registered Graphic Designer, she mentors students and supports the industry. She fearlessly launched Giants & Gentlemen based on her own ethos that she never wavers from: Be Brave, Be Decent.

Natalie has always made the impossible possible. No challenge has been too great: from rising to the top of her field in art direction and design, to starting an advertising agency, she can simplify the overwhelming into the achievable with her razor sharp vision, resilience and tireless energy. She's worked on every category at many of the top agencies, like FCB, Bensimon Byrne and TAXI, winning many industry awards in the process. 

Here's a recent project of Natalie's that exemplifies fearlessly taking on a challenge – making dessert guilt-free.


Project: Pâtisserie

"Dr. Oetker was readying the launch of a new line of frozen desserts called “Pâtisserie”. Unfortunately, to most Canadians, “frozen” means fake or artificial – a perception driven by Sara Lee – the guilt-inducing category leader."

"Contrary to the competition, Pâtisserie is made with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, which focused our efforts on a predominantly female target – for those that love sweets, but are also health-conscious about what they eat. To overcome the negative category of “fake”, we leveraged the authentic Frenchness of “Pâtisserie”. And if anything can be said about the French, it’s that their discerning taste is matched only by their culinary mastery."

"With a Vogue, editorial style approach, the campaign video celebrates the real, fresh ingredients using a mix of stop motion and live action.?The contemporary French vibe of the spot can be seen and heard in every scene, from the original music to the eye candy colours to the hyper-realistic dessert plates inspired by the famous 19thcentury artist, Fornasetti."

"The commercial wraps up with the line: “Oui, Pâtisserie”, which cleverly answers ‘no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, and no preservatives.’ After all, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty saying “oui” to indulgence from time to time."

"In just 6 months, Pâtisserie had already become the #1 cheesecake national brand, and #2 frozen dessert brand, ahead of Sara Lee."

Now that’s a dessert you’ll want to save room for.