TAKING THE PULSE with Sandrine Some

A 2022 Young Blood Category Advertising Awards winner

February 9, 2024

TAKING THE PULSE with Sandrine Some

Meet Sandrine Some, the Creative Strategist behind the 2022 Advertising Award-winning campaign - the People’s Museum of North Korea - for HanVoice. It earned Sandrine her first Applied Arts Award – a  Young Blood Intergraded campaign category. This campaign consisted of an in-person exhibit at Stackt Market in Toronto, displaying a semi-typical North Korean living room layered with educational stories of escapees, information smuggling, and harsh government tactics. 

Sandrine shares her experience behind the award-winning integrated brand awareness campaign she helped create with the creative team at ARENA Studio Ltd

What is your creative process?

My creative process depends on the type of projects I’m working on and my role within them. I sway mostly between producing and creative strategy, which both require a unique approach. 

When it comes to producing, I think my creativity shines through collaboration and the people I seek out for the different functions of the project. The process is more about fitting pieces together to create something seamless. As for creative strategy, I spend time immersed in magazines. I read articles about topics unrelated to the task at hand because it allows me to stay open-minded. I get into deep internet holes looking for inspiration, and then finally, I like to sit with everything I’ve taken in and filter it through the “why” of the project. 

What is the most difficult piece you worked on? What were the challenges?

The most difficult project I’ve worked on is the People’s Museum of North Korea with Hanvoice. Educating people on a topic that is complex, nuanced, and currently affecting people’s lives requires a deep sensitivity and empathetic approach. This project required completely uncentering myself from how I’d like things to come to life visually and instead focusing on what messages North Korean refugees and those currently still under the regime deserve. 

North Korea Museum

What is the project you are most proud of? What was your creative process? 

The North Korea museum was the most difficult, and also, the project I’m most proud of in the past two years. It required an incredible amount of research, various stakeholder interviews with the Hanvoice team, and months of planning to bring it to life. 

In this case, the creative process began with asking the question: how do we make Canadians care about things that are not part of their direct experience? How do we create empathy in others?

Our solution was to immerse them in a North Korean home. The one thing that ties all of us across borders, race, ethnicity and gender is the fact that we’re all human. We focused on showing the humanity of the North Korean people in order to build a bridge to better understanding. 

NK Museum

How has winning Applied Arts Awards impacted your business?

It’s been amazing to be recognized for a project that was so meaningful. As newcomers on the agency scene, this award solidified that we’re on the right track.

Who is your creative hero?

Nikola Tesla is my creative hero. He’s not a character you’ll necessarily find in design or strategy books, but his impact on the world is still being felt today. He’s someone that I see as a creative genius who worked across many mediums and created for the sake of creating, as many of his theories and creations weren’t given full appreciation until years after he passed on. 

How do you stay inspired?

I stay inspired by allowing myself to rest and think when necessary. I find that lately, my best ideas come when I have the space to truly sit with my thoughts instead of rushing to execute them against a timeline. Reading articles and books about topics that aren’t directly related to design, strategy, or the visual arts has helped me tremendously. It allows me to connect dots that I wouldn’t have otherwise if I were just immersed in the things I needed to get my job done. 

Proof that widening one’s knowledge/perspective of the world around us fuels great creativity! Congratulations on your win Sandrine!