The 2023 Applied Arts Student Awards Winners Gallery Now Live

"Amazing craft!" "Very inspiring work!"

July 6, 2023


"Wow!"  "Fantastic work!" – These are just a few of our 2023 Student Awards judges' comments on this year's winning entries. The calibre of talent in this competition was inspiring and shed a hopeful light on the future, as our Student judge Zoe Kim stated: "I was very impressed with the quality of work! I think there were a lot of entries that are of the calibre of some of my peers working today, and I'm very excited to see what they create in the future."

Comotion 2023: Into the Spotlight, winning entry from Aanvik Singh and Marly Koven, Savannah College of Art and Design.

Once again, congratulations to all students who entered their work into the 2023 Student Award competition, and a high five to those who had their work selected by our talented jury! Of course, a round of applause to this year’s Student Jury for lending us their expertise to view and score all the entries. We so appreciate your enthusiasm and generosity.

The Student Awards competition is open to individual or group-class and personal projects created any time during their school year at a domestic or international college, university, and high school students studying creative arts—advertising, design, digital, motion and gaming, illustration and photography.

Arvin Paelmo, co-founder & AD at Zak Design Studio, said of this year's submissions - they were pretty great overall. Arvin could see that a lot of research and effort had been put into them. All students who participated in this competition should feel proud! 

Work submitted to the competition is judged on the same criteria as the professional categories: Creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use in the category it is submitted to. When we asked our judges, many had additional criteria they looked for in a winning entry, such as Dosh Osholowu, Intermediate Art Director was searching for exceptional ideas that stood out and remarkable pieces of commercial and visual art. It was important for him to find entries that demonstrated creativity, innovation, and a strong artistic vision. 

Bounce Back

Jean Quarcoopome, Founder, Design Director, Kenga Media, Ghana, Africa, found a winner in the "McDelivery – Anytime – Anywhere", Advertising series by winner Shreyas Karambelkar, Humber College. "Such a fun, illustrative use of McDonald's brand assets! Brilliant!"

Judge Andrea Port, ACD, Zulu Alpha Kilo found the work certainly exceeded expectations. Andrea was blown away with the calibre of student work, particularly the Design categories.


Zoe Kim, ACD at Anomaly, said of George Brown College student Patricia Marinay, multiple-category winner Poser, that she: “Love the type, colour palette, and construction of this. Shows a thorough understanding of how to bring design elements together to create a bold and cohesive piece. Well done!"

Jian Choi studying at Seoul Scholars International Art & Design

Lisa Nakamura, Creative Director, Design, found there was a lot of thoughtful and fresh thinking that made her hopeful for the young generation of High Schoolers. And she wasn’t alone, Marie-Joëlle Lemire,  Creative Director at Imédia and Designer at  Criterium, says of Jian Choi studying at Seoul Scholars International Art & Design of winning entry Ébullition. "I think this project is very mature. Excellent layout, nice font, and good documentation. I like the experimentation of the compositions and the fact that they all go well with each other. It creates a cohesive whole. I can't believe this is a high school project. Wow! Well done!"

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