Turning the Table: Regan Fraser


October 8, 2021


Through all of her schooling, our 2021 Student Awards judge Regan Fraser had terrible grades in all subjects with only two exceptions—Art and Literature. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she eventually found her perfect fit in advertising as an art director. Described as a persistent idealist, she’s always looking for new ways to solve problems with insightful ideas and high quality craft. Working on a wide variety of campaigns in sectors ranging from government and charity organizations to small businesses, she’s been recognized both locally and nationally.

We asked Regan to share a project she was particularly proud of and what she chose exemplifies her aforementioned idealism and skill for solving problems. The problem in this instance? Oh, just a worldwide pandemic and a production team spread across a continent.

Help us tell the story of this recent project of yours you felt “shone through.”

The Pursuit of Bigger is an idea that came out of a very relatable human truth: Our never-ending search for the next big thing. Conceived before the global pandemic, and executed during, there were times where we thought this would never get made. Agency production was on hold for a couple months, but the production team at Kiddo along with the Director, Steve Mapp, didn’t give up. The extra time, and isolation resulted in a very well thought out plan of execution and the spot turned out better than we thought it could be, even without the added hurdle of the pandemic. Using back projections in real-time on set, we were able to travel to these iconic moments in time. 

This was the first video production for McCann during the pandemic, which made the shoot day a new experience for all of us. The director was in California, the agency creatives in Calgary, Agency Producer in Toronto and the production in Vancouver. 

We can’t thank Regan enough for taking the time to judge our Student Awards. You can follow more of her work on her Instagram here and her Behance here.


Client: Western Canada Lottery Corporation 
Product: The Bigger Spin Zing (Scratch ’n Win) ticket
Agency: McCann West
ACD: Mark Lovely
AD: Regan Fraser
Copywriter: Regan Fraser/Mark Lovely
Account Director: Sean Fero
Agency Producer: Milena Malovic
Production: Kiddo 
Producer: Michael Milardo
Director: Steve Mapp
Sound: Six Degrees