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June 29, 2022


The 2022 Applied Arts Design Awards Winners Gallery is now live! A huge thanks to all our entrants this year, your work shines and inspires greatness for the future of our industry! An enormous shout-out also goes out to the 2022 Design Awards Jury for sharing their expertise and for participating in this year’s awards process.


Being a judge in this year's Design Awards was no small task, having to select a winner amongst so many brilliant entries was no doubt quite challenging. Maxime Rheault, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Criterium, Québec City, says of this year's design entries: "I was most impressed with the branding categories. The work was really intense. Both in quality and innovations in the work. I also felt that the bar was raised quite a lot this year in terms of project photography and case building." 


Image: Part of the A Message from the Heart, winning PSA/Charity series, a 2022 Design Awards entry for Transplant Québec design by compagnie et cie.

All this excellence piercing through what, we can all agree were the most difficult of times worldwide, not only raises the bar but propels the creative spirit toward limitless possibilities. As Sheldon Rennie, Creative Director, Rethink, Vancouver, BC remarked on what made a winning entry to him: "Work that was the most unique. It’s easy to fall into the trap of following current trends, but selling work that goes against the grain is harder to do, and creates work that breaks through the noise."


World Wheelchair Rugby, Cossette Communication

Image: Part of the Brand Identity program Here to Win, a 2022 Design Awards entry for World Wheelchair Rugby design by Cossette Communication.

Regarding the judging process, the judges were divided into groups, each viewing and scoring a different and random group of entries over one round of judging. Each judge poured through the entries via our secure online judging system without consulting each other. The judges assigned one score to each entry based on creative merit, technical excellence and suitability for end use in the category it was submitted to. Each entry was judged independently on its own merit and not by rank or comparison to other entries in the same category. As for Applied Arts magazine we have no predetermined quota of winners for instance, should a category have no winners it is then eliminated. In the instance where categories have multiple winners we declare all entries above the cut-off score winners and publish them. The winners are not ranked (i.e.: gold, silver, etc.) every entry above the cut-off score is given equal exposure as a winner.


Image: Real Canadian Super Platform part of the 2022 Design Awards winning Poster series designed by One Twenty Three West, Vancouver, BC for the Real Canadian Superstore.

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Our gratitude also goes out to our award sponsors VISTEK; our association partners CAPICDesign Professionals of Canada (DesCan) and RGD; and our print and paper partner Mi5 Print & Digital Communications for their support.


Lead image: A multiple category winning entry Colours of Pride designed by Rethink Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver for Fondation Emergence as part of International day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.