Prouk’s Picks

Applied Arts friend and advertising legend Gary Prouk, of Sebastian Consultancy, provides links that will help you kill time, avoid work and find inspiration and entertainment.

The 2010 Cannes Film Festival in Posters, Round 1:  Go to Fin de cinema to see posters for many of the  movies shown at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival, held last May.

I Love Typography: John Boardley, a British designer living in Japan, gives us his ode to “fonts, typefaces and all things typographical.” Knowledgeable blog posts feature lots of illustrations.

32 Nations – 32 Works of Art: A World Cup Report presents the soccer art of 32 nations participating in the FIFA 2010 World Cup

Pachimon Postcards: A collection of vintage Japanese “bromide” cards,  showing various pachimon (imitation creatures based loosely on famous TV and movie monsters) at iconic locations around the world. Published by Yokopro in the 1970s.

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