2012 Photography & Illustration Awards winners announced

Applied Arts is pleased to announce the winners of our 2012 Photography & Illustration Awards!

The winning work represents some of the very best produced in North America and abroad over the past year. All winning entries will be proudly displayed in the May/June 2012 issue of the magazine, the Winners Gallery on our website and at our annual Winners Exhibit, which will be held on November 1, 2012, in Toronto.

In 2011 we introduced the popular Young Blood categories, designed for young creatives who have been out of school for three years or less. The Young Blood winners will receive the same great exposure as all of our awards entries, with the added bonus of editorial coverage in a future issue of Applied Arts Magazine for the highest scoring entry in both Photography and Illustration. This year that special honour goes to Nicole Duplantis in the Photography category and Taryn Gee and Kelsey Heinrichs in the Illustration Category.

AACE Winners will be kept under wraps until the gala AACE Awards Ceremony, held November 1, 2012, receiving a uniquely designed award and extended coverage in an all-AACE issue of Applied Arts, published March 2013.

The full list of the 2012 Photography & Illustration winners appears after the jump. Congratulations to all selected!

Aaron Meshon
Aaron Wilkin
Adrian Armstrong
Adrian Kronowetter
Ahwon Min
Alain Desjean
Alastair Bird
Albert Law
Albert Rizzo
Alessandro Gottardo
Alessio Romenzi
Alexandre Chabot
Alyssa Wodabek
André Doyon
Andrew Grinton
Andy Glass
Andy Potts
Angus Rowe MacPherson
Anna and Elena Balbusso
Anthony Redpath
April Maciborka
Artiga Photo
Ashley Kircher
Ben Weeks
Benjamin Marra
Bill Grigsby
Blair Dewan
Brent Lewin
Brucie Rosch
Bryan Denton
Bryan Ulrich
Byron Eggenschwiler
Carl Wiens
Carla Torres
Carlo Cosentino
Carlo Hindian
Carson Ting
Casson Sophie
Chris Crisman
Chris Frazer Smith
Chris Gordaneer
Chris Nicholls
Chris Woods
Christiane Holzheid
Claire Scully
Colin Faulkner
Colin Nun
Corbin Smith
Corbis Zefa GmbH
Corey Lansdell
Craig Boyko
Curtis Trent
Dan Bannister
Daniel Ehrenworth
Danielle Coupland
Daphné Caron
David De Stefano
David Ellingsen
David Scott
David Todon
David Wile
David Allan Brandt
Dean Alexander
Dean West
Deb Jansen
Dermot Cleary
Diego Patiño
Doug Bradshaw
Doug Gibbons
Doug Panton
Dushan Milic
Edward Pond
Ella Cohen
Emily Cooper
Frank Hoedl
Frank Viva
Franklyn Pereira
Frederick Sebastian
Gary Aagaard
Geneviève Després
George Simhoni
George Simhoni
Glenn Thurman
Grant Harder
Greg Ruhl
Hans Laurendeau
Hans Sipma
Hasnain Dattu
Hélène Roux-Bordage
Henrieta Haniskova
Hiep Vu
Ian Brewster
Istvan Banyai
Jacqui Lee
Jacqui Oakley
Jaime Hogge
James Ingram
James Tse
Jane Heller
Jason Raish
Jean Malek
Jess Dupuis
Jessica Deeks
Jessica Edwards
Jim Norton
Jim Reed
John Londono
John Ueland
John Vogl
Jolianne L’Allier Matteau
Julian Calverley
Julien Chung
Juniper Park
Karen Klassen
Katrina Kopeloff
KC Armstrong
Kelly Mellings
Kelsey Heinrichs
Kelvin Murray
Kevin Stenhouse
Kinnon Elliott
Kristopher Grunert
Kyle Tuttle
Lauren Hayes
Laurent Pinabel
Leo Burnett, Toronto
Liam Mogan
Lucie Crovatto
Margaret Lee
Maria Corte Maidagan
Marie-Ève Tremblay
Mark Zibert
Marnie Burkhart
Martin Girard
Matt Barnes
Matthew Neumann
Melenie Read
Michael Crichton
Michael De Pippo
Michael Mahovlich
Michael Zavacky
Michele Ramberg
Mike Ford
Mike Kerr
Mike Lee
Mohamed Danawi
Natasha Nicholson
Nathalie Dion
Nayoun Kim
Nesnadny + Schwartz
Nicole Duplantis
Patrick Bizier
Paul Chenard
Paul Lang, The Orange Apple
Paul-Emile Rioux
Paul Weeks
Peg Nocciolino
Peter Lytwyniuk
Peter Olson
Peter Andrew Lusztyk
Phil Bekker
Philip Rostron
Pierre Girard
Pierre Manning
Pierre St.Jacques
Pol Turgeon
Pooya Nabei
Q. Cassetti
Rachel Ann Lindsay
Raphaël Ouellet
Raymond Biesinger
Renata Liwska
Rendez Padgett
Rick Sealock
Rob Fiocca
Robin Rhode
Robyn Jamieson
Rodeo Production
Roger Lemoyne
Ron Fehling
Ronald Tsang
Roslyn Long
Roy Ritchie
Ryan Szulc
Saddington Baynes
Samuel Aranda
Scott Ramsay
Scott Stulberg
Sébastien Thibault
Shereen Mroueh
Sonia Roy
Stefan Tosheff
Steve Krug
Sylvain Dumais
Taryn Gee
TAXI Canada
Taylor Callery
Tegan Mierle
Tom Feiler
Troy House
Tyler Gray
Valerie Sangin
Valery Goulet
Vos Broekema
Warren Zelman
Will Lew


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