Mean father and hairy shit fit celebrate advertising obsession

AAF Dallas – the city’s advertising association and its “oldest professional and civic organization” – did a series of hilarious commercials promoting its 2012 ADDYs Awards, run earlier this month. With a theme of “Obsession has its place,” the commercials feature over-the-top commitment to advertising.

In “Mural” a father in the business comes into a living room to find that his son has scrawled in marker over the wall. He tears a strip off the youngster for his bad art direction. He demands of his son,” What does this say?”

Boy:  ”‘I love you, Daddy.’”

Father: “This typeface? That typeface says I have no future. This image is worse than stock. Keep this up and you’re going to be a copywriter.”

In “The Tantrum,” as the name suggests, the advertising creative throws a hairy shit fit when given client changes to his work.


2 Responses to “Mean father and hairy shit fit celebrate advertising obsession”

  1. I love these spots — they are hysterical! I would have loved to share them with everyone I know, but using the “F” word in front of such a young child was kind of beyond the pale and didn’t enhance the creative.

  2. As an Art Director I really liked “the Mural”, but could not bring myself to post it as the foul language directed toward the child turned me off. The concept is not furthered by the language, which we all use among ourselves but not with a child. It’s a pity because this should have been a winner.

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