Prouk’s Picks: Bob Dylan, Katz’s Deli and the Art of Manliness

Applied Arts friend and advertising legend Gary Prouk, of Sebastian Consultancy, provides links that will help you kill time, avoid work and find inspiration and entertainment.

Bob Dylan’s Hand Lettering Experience: Leandro Senna, a designer based in New York, does this fascinating handlettering interpretation of  Bob Dylan’s 1965 song “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” recreating the effect of Dylan flipping cards with lyrics as he sings, in a promotional film clip that has been called the precursor to the modern music video. “I decided to recreate those cards with handmade type,” writes Senna. “I ended up doing all the lyrics, and not just some of the words, as Dylan did. . . . There are 66 cards done in one month during my spare time using only pencil, black tint pens and brushes. The challenge was not to use the computer, no retouching was allowed. Getting a letter wrong meant starting the page over.”

Print is Dead: This Tumblr blog shows that print is anything but, and helps one to “love books by their covers” by providing tons of examples.

 Katz’s Deli—Closing Time: Alan Wolfson creates this handmade, miniature sculpture of a landmark in New York – its oldest delicatessen, Katz’s (in business on the Manhattan east side since 1888). “Part of the challenge in building this piece was to come up with a narrative that was believable,” writes Wolfson. “Since I don’t put miniature people in my pieces how could I justify that a restaurant that is always crowded had no customers lining up for their world famous pastrami sandwiches? I decided to create a scene that takes place right after closing time, during the cleanup. Dirty plates are waiting to be removed, chairs are stacked on the tables and mops and buckets are at the ready.”

Vintage Business Motivational Posters from the 1920s & 1930s: The Art of Manliness features manly posters indeed, providing inspirational, pull-yourself-up-by-your-boostraps advice to the self-made businessmen of the era. Example: “Tough luck is not recognized by real men.”

The Book Cover Archive: This site is offered for the “appreciation and categorization of excellence in book cover design.” You can search the site by titles, authors, designers, art directors, photographers, illustrators, genres, publication dates, publishers and typefaces. It also has a great blog.

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