Showing the scale of outer space in cyberspace

A friend of Applied Arts tells us about “Margot Trudell, a talented OCAD graduate (in 2011) in the design program. She works in-house at WIND Mobile, but has been getting a fair bit of attention lately on a variety of blogs around the web for her grad project, OMG Space. In short, it’s in two parts: print-based infographics of the main celestial bodies in our solar system and mankind’s missions of discovery, as well as a website that simulates – to scale – the size of the solar system.

“Thought I’d give you a couple links incase you had any interest in covering it. She was featured on WIRED’s site, following a stream of other blogs, and it seems like the momentum is continuing.”

This is from Trudell’s project overview: “With this project I wanted to communicate to people what we’ve managed to accomplish in space exploration in simple terms; I found that many people don’t know much about the subject because of how it’s typically communicated, with scientific and technical jargon. Through the use of infographics that simply and clearly illustrated a lot of information, people could easily take a brief look at one infographic and even without looking closer grasp, for example, that we’ve managed to send a lot of probes and people to the moon, and looking even closer they could then see that China has plans for a manned lunar mission within the next few years. This simple and easy to understand approach is meant to encourage people to look into the field more, and the OMG SPACE name is meant to encourage excitement about space exploration, especially amongst younger people. . . .”

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